As soon as the term ‘Tide Pod challenge’ entered the cultural lexicon, P&G took action.

Ralphy with soap in his mouth in A Christmas Story via MGM & UA Entertainment Co.

The internet has inspired young people to do a few odd things. They may have planked on some tables and spun some fidget spinners, but these are harmless enough. Other times, people are inspired to do really absurd things when they log online.

Perhaps one of the worst, and most…

When I graduated from school, I had a single objective: get a job. Eventually, it happened, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I ended up working in roles different than I expected. Soon enough, I would find myself taking a role adjacent to the field…

Athleisure is a major trend. Gap Inc. knew they needed to turn it into profit, and Athleta might be a better investment than they imagined.

Simone Biles in Athleta
Simone Biles in Athleta

In April of 2021, gymnast Simone Biles ended her partnership with Nike. The separation may have come as a shock because Biles is such a decorated athlete and the Olympics were right around the corner. Nike might be the most notable name in the sports world, but Biles wanted more…

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