Is Disney Magic Gone? You Can Still Buy It For This Price.

Michael Beausoleil
7 min readDec 1, 2022

Going to Disney is an experience to be celebrated. The parks are filled with excitement, happiness, and memories — so it’s no wonder people dream of visiting the house of mouse.

But, Disney’s been through some changes recently. Costs have been going up, and every piece of the experience has been hit by inflation. In fall 2022, Disneyland saw price hikes on tickets and its Genie+ service.

In a 2022 study by time2play, 68.3% of people feel Disney World has lost its magic and 92.6% of people feel a Disney World vacation is out of reach for the average family. Well, access to the park is going to become less accessible: Disney World prices are going up on Dec. 8, 2022.

Mickey Mouse Sad
Sad Mickey Mouse — Photo from The Walt Disney Company

Obviously, money plays a big role in your experience, but what if money wasn’t an object? How much would you need to pay to have a truly magical Disney experience? Or, is the idea really becoming obsolete?

So, What Is Disney Magic

To see if Disney magic still exists, you need to have a clear idea of what it really is.

If you watch the company’s movies — particularly the animated ones— there seems to be a supernatural force woven into the plots. It’s usually pivotal in reaching the happy ending and often results in happy moments throughout films.

In real life, the magic is less mystifying, but Disney puts a lot of effort into making it feel real. The parks will manipulate each element to fill the air with happiness and hide anything negative. This includes pumping the air full of synthetic scents, painting objects neutral colors to hide them from view, and continuously maintaining the properties. And the staff — or “cast members” — are part of the act. They’ll engage in spur-of-the-moment acts of kindness, and use specific language that disguises daily operations.

Fireworks at Disney

The magic is no joke, but once you know the tricks, it’s kind of hard to unsee them. A good way to pull back the curtain: Make customers pay for it. Even if they buy these premium experiences, they know the magic doesn’t “just happen” at Disney —…



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