I’m a huge Apple fan, but this was a really, really interesting and well researched read.

As a longtime user, I think Apple’s investment in software is huge moving forward. In many ways, having customers invested in the software will create a desire to continue using the hardware. Smartphones may not be around forever, but I think the dependence upon Apple software will create enthusiasm for new hardware.

One of the biggest opportunities for Apple, as I see it, is the Apple TV and original content. Reading your article, this was one of the few products where Apple wasn’t #1. I’ve used Apple TV and other smart TV devices (I have a Roku that is about 7 years old) and while I think the Apple TV is fully functional, I don’t know why most customers would pick the Apple TV over the competition. At the end of the day, it gets the same Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Original content is big now, but Apple seems to be trying that with Apple Music and I don’t think their shows have made as big of an impact as they’d hope. I often read about Apple trying to create reasons for people to cut cable, and if you watch their Keynotes, HBO Go and HBO Now are often highlighted, hinting at this intiative. Perhaps this could be their direction for TV expansion?

Either way, great read. I’ll be looking forward to your future articles.

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