Brand Loyalty: Nine Ways to Make Me Your Loyal Customer

Offer Quality

The bare minimum I expect in a brand: it does what it says it will. When I think of the products I spend money on, especially products where I could buy a cheaper alternatives, I expect the products to meet my expectations. They’re a reason I always want to buy Ray Ban sunglasses and not a cheap pair from a department store. They look good, protect my eyes, and are durable enough to survive the occasional fall. If a brand is not able to provide their advertised products or services, I have no reason to be faithful to that brand.

Stand Behind the Product

Some products are more complex than others. A brand who can offer support to their customers and will work to resolve issues has demonstrated confidence in their product and commitment building relationships with their customers. A brand who invests time in their customer will be rewarded with a customer who spends more time with that brand.

via Ray Ban

Have a Recognizable Logo

People are more confident in a brand they recognize and having a strong logo will build that recognition. The logo should represent core qualities of the brand the convey them to the customer without explicitly stating them. Not only will customers begin to recognize your logo, but they will begin to associate specific traits with that logo.

Remain Consistent

When you’ve got a dedicated customer, that customer will begin to have expectations within the brand. As a brand, you should strive to meet those expectations. Delivering a consistent experience will establish your brand identity and allow customers to know the experience they’re getting into.

Change When Necessary

While consistency is important, change is inevitable. There are going to be times when a change needs to be made, but the change needs to be made for the right reason. Imagine if Netflix stuck to the DVD-by-mail service and never switched to streaming. They wouldn’t be experimenting the success they have today.

Know Your Audience

Companies design products to appeal to a certain audience. While it’s natural to want to expand your audience, this may lead to your core audience questioning the brand’s authenticity. Advertising, marketing, and social media ought to project the personas of the core audience. By doing this, like-minded people will connect with your brand.

Show Results with Numbers

Many people use the term “quality over quantity,” but there are times when quantity makes a bigger impact. It’s one thing to call a product “better,” but a product that’s twice as durable as the previous generation sounds like there’s science behind the claim. Companies who can quantify their success with years of consistency or a high number of people served will also demonstrate their value, as they have many repeated customers.

Reward Loyalty

The competition for my business has never been stronger, and it seems like every business has a loyalty program. This encourages me to frequent a specific brand, because I know each purchase is incentivized with bonuses and perks. It’s also nice to have perks given to me for special events like my birthday or new product releases.

Care About the Customer, Not the Product

When it comes to advertising, the customer is the one who truly matters. Rather than just spewing a list of facts, it’s better to highlight the benefits customers will experience when using the product. It’s one thing to tell me a new smartphone has 2 extra hours of battery life. It’s another thing to show someone binging an entire season of a show on Netflix without having to charge.


Brand loyalty can seem complicated, as there are a lot of elements going into the single concept. While there are many ways to impact brand loyalty, everyone is a customer of one product or another. By putting yourself into the shoes of your customer, you’re better able to serve your customers. Excellent service will encourage customers to become repeat customers, and that builds loyalty.




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