McDonald’s marketing and user experience have a natural overlap. Customers might see a deal when they’re actually being manipulated.

Few things embody the American spirit like McDonald’s. The restaurant synonymous with the term “supersize” fits perfectly in a nation that keeps pushing boundaries. In fact, the chain has over 13,000 locations in The States and is present in most places in the country. The farthest you can be from…

Go to church or rent a movie; it’s not hard to find the origin of Christmas. This story has been told many ways, but fewer people will tell the story of Christmas’s near-death experience. Perhaps this is because Christmas is still alive and well, but some people recall a time…

There’s a level of self-reflection needed when you scroll through your social media feed. When you’re looking at Facebook ads, TikTok recommendations, or Instagram suggestions you’re receiving an individualized experience. Technology has come a long way, but it’s not that smart. These algorithms collect data based on your history and…

Taylor Swift has fought many battles in her career. With the success of ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ the singer has mastered more than music.

Taylor Swift in front of a backdrop of $100 bills
Image of Taylor Swift via Chelsea Lauren & Shutterstock

In true Taylor Swift fashion, she’s back and she reached the top of the charts.

Red (Taylor’s Version) has become Taylor Swift’s 10th #1 album on the Billboard 200 charts. The 30-track re-release enters the chart nine years after Red’s original release, and it’s spawned the #1 single “All Too…

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