5 Ways Manscaped Marketed Itself Into a Household Name

Michael Beausoleil
4 min readDec 8, 2023

If you have any hair on your body, chances are you own a razor of some sort. Hair-shaving products are essential items, and generally, they’re not very fun to purchase, but Manscaped managed to infuse some excitement into the grooming industry.

How do you turn a shaver into a cultural phenomenon? It takes balls.

Manscaped lawn mower and two logos

On a 2018 episode of Shark Tank, Manscaped received $500,000 from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. Five years later, the business has seen tremendous growth — and not the kind you want to shave down. It’s valued at $1 billion, and it’s gaining a loyal following.

This success wasn’t a mistake. While customers may see a humorous, modern brand, behind the scenes there’s a smart company with masterful marketing and a clever strategy to infiltrate the grooming market.

It found a hole in the market

People don’t talk about male grooming too much, especially when you’re referring to trimming sensitive areas. So, what do people do when they encounter a taboo topic? They search online, and manscaped was determined to be that top result.

Founder Paul Tran wanted to infiltrate this untapped market, and he didn’t beat around the bush. The company told customers exactly what it does by naming itself “Manscaped,” a pre-existing slang term used to describe trimming hair in the pubic and groin areas. By doing this, the brand didn’t shy away from its taboo subject, instead, it wears it like a badge of honor.

Jackass star Steve-O talking into a podcasting mic with a “We Save Balls” t shirt.
Jackass star Steve-O talks about Manscaped’s campaign on his podcast.

It‘s a master of the omnichannel

If you recognize Manscaped, and you don’t own one, it’s likely because you’ve been exposed to the ads, and that’s because the ads are everywhere. That’s intentional because the company embraces almost every type of medium — TV, podcasting, social media, you name it.

This omnichannel approach has some hits and misses, and the brand won big with its use of podcast marketing and its use of influencers. This is likely due to the almost-NSFW nature of Manscape’s product which demands attention, and the…



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